Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Paul Thurlby's Alphabet - Australian Board Book Version.

Just a heads up for those of you living down-under. The board book version of my alphabet will be published in April by Hardie Grant Egmont. That's my floor, nice isn't it?!


Briana said...

Bummer I'm in the U.S....I love the Alphabet prints! I'll have to find a friend Down Under. And your floor is lovely.

Paul Thurlby said...

Thanks, Briana. This is the board version. There will be a full UK and US version later in the year.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Natasha Besliev said...

Hi Paul,

We just love this edition and so are book buyers all over Australia!

So far, so good!

(MD at Hardie Grant Egmont)

Paul Thurlby said...

Thank you, Tash! I'm very excited about the release.

All the best,


Erina said...

I live in NZ can I get one of these sent from Australia? I would love that!!!

Paul Thurlby said...

Hi Erina,

This link may be useful to you.

Hope that helps!


Paul Thurlby said...

Or: http://www.funkid.com.au/estore/Paul-Thurlby%E2%80%99s-Alphabet-pr-2136.html

Anonymous said...
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Your Dude said...

Although the style looks simple, there's lots of details to pour over. I like the aged look of each illustration and the thick slightly beige paper used helps brings an overall fantastically vintage atmosphere to the book. Interestingly, Paul Thurlby originally created these prints and posted them on his Flickr photostream. They attracted immense amounts of interest and after being shared on lots of design blogs, they were finally discovered by and agent . The prints were made available in postcard and poster format and are now available in this attractive book. jogos de motos
It is simple to see why Paul Thurlby's work has become so sought after; his unique design and original take on each letter of the alphabet help generate a fantastically unusual picture book which will be fun for tiny readers and will be much admired by their parents.

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